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Scouts Are Cancelled

  • John Scott / Magpie Productions
  • John Scott / Magpie Productions
  • John Scott / Magpie Productions
  • John Scott / Magpie Productions
  • John Scott / Magpie Productions
  • John Scott / Magpie Productions
  • Charles Austin
Distributor / Sales:
  • John Scott / Magpie Productions

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  • Country:Canada, USA
  • Year:2007
  • Length:72 min
  • Data rate:7.5 MB/min

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One day, John Stiles-a middle-aged writer, down on his luck, and working as a telemarketer in Toronto-lost it. Finger on the dial button, he found himself throwing away his pre-written script and launching into the character and accents from his rural upbringing in Nova Scotia. His next customer was greeted with "Mrs. Farrell, you are tighter than a mouse's hole stretched over a barrel...give 'er a whirl, got nothing to lose" accompanied by the sounds of sirens, dogs and ski-doos. He won a DVD player for making the most sales that month. Stiles decided to turn out to open mike readings, developed a cult following, then published two books with Insomniac press. Director John Scott, who has known Stiles for 20 years, intelligently crafts a non-linear approach to this documentary that highlights the medium of film, much as Stile's writing plays with the formal aspects of poetry. Stylized black-and-white film, alteration of the frame size and vérité highlights of Stile's book tour through Nova Scotia reveal a man whose very being resists order and predictability - Official Selection, 2007 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.