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World Trade Opera

  • Alain Pelletier / PRIM, Centre d'arts médiatiques
  • Alain Pelletier / PRIM, Centre d'arts médiatiques
  • Alain Pelletier / PRIM, Centre d'arts médiatiques
  • Netochka Nezvanova

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  • Country:Canada
  • Year:2003
  • Length:29 min
  • Data rate:7.5 MB/min

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Alarming statistics about everything from species extinction and pollution to climate change and population growth are issued so frequently that they have become more of a densely saturated assault than the communication of meaningful information. Alain Pelletier has incorporated his experiences as a multidisciplinary artist to create a stunning visual and sound incantation that chronicles the state of our rapidly changing planet. Distressed images obscure our clear vision, echoing the increasingly impenetrable saturation of media, while the real-time interjection of specific facts - from micro-perceptions to global perspectives - bring us a sense of the earth's travel through time. Statistics, digital technology, and experimental and documentary film conventions converge to make this a highly intelligent and provocative work - Official Selection, 2004 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.