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Martyr Street

  • Shelley Saywell / Bishari Films
  • Deborah Parks
  • Shelley Saywell / Bishari Films
  • Shelley Saywell / Bishari Films
  • Michael Grippo
  • Michael CSC
  • Deborah Palloway
  • Peter Sawade
  • Dave Wall
Executive Producer:
  • Shelley Saywell / Bishari Films

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  • Country:Canada
  • Year:2006
  • Length:91 min
  • Data rate:7.5 MB/min

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Martyr Street winds through Hebron in the West Bank. It was a bustling Palestinian market-and one of the most dangerous streets in the world-when veteran director Shelley Saywell filmed Palestinian and Israeli children for her Oscar-nominated film A Child's Century of War. Five years later, she returns to follow up on the stories of the children and finds the market abandoned and the street almost deserted. While the Jewish settlers who have re-occupied homes in an ancient Jewish quarter of this Palestinian city remain, the Palestinians have fled constant harassment by settlers and the IDF. Martyr Street is a painful portrait of the children of both religions and the adults who teach them to hate, as well as a powerful exploration of the roots of violence on a street named for its dead. Interviews with soldiers, teachers and fundamentalists, whose religious zeal for ancient history is used to justify contemporary violence, entwine with the children's lives and the story of Abraham, the patriarch of both Muslims and Jews, who is buried there. Official Selection, 2006 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.