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AIDS: No Sad Songs

  • Nik Sheehan / CeLL Productions
  • Nik Sheehan / CeLL Productions
  • Miume Jan
Executive Producer:
  • Kevin Orr

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  • Country:Canada
  • Year:1985
  • Length:60 min
  • Data rate:7.5 MB/min

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Nik Sheehan is a Canadian documentary filmmaker, who established an international reputation with No Sad Songs, the first major documentary on AIDS. At the time the AIDS crisis had generated many films on the medical aspects of the disease, but this film was the first to focus on the emotional and psychological effects on victims, their friends and families. The film centres on Jim Black, age 37, who faces an early death from AIDS; and Catherine Hunt, whose beloved brother suffers from AIDS. Jim has made it his personal crusade to deal openly with the issues of AIDS and not regard it as a shameful disease. Candidly, he reveals his tenderness for his friend Kevin and the hurt he experienced by his family's rejection. Catherine is an impassioned example of a supportive family member. We learn from her how the open expression of love and trust makes it easier to bear sickness and the prospect of death.