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The Tunguska Project

  • Gisele Gordon / Urban Nation
  • Gisele Gordon / Urban Nation
  • Kent Monkman
  • David Best
  • Gisele Gordon / Urban Nation
  • Roland Schlimme
  • Phil Strong
  • Dustin Peters
Distributor / Sales:
  • Gisele Gordon / Urban Nation
Executive Producer:
  • Jody Shapiro

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  • Country:Canada
  • Year:2005
  • Length:83 min
  • Data rate:7.5 MB/min

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In 1908, a massive explosion rocked central Siberia, destroying thousands of acres of forest. The explosion was so intense that it caused shock waves and lit up skies all over the world. To this day, the cause of the explosion remains unknown. In Saskatchewan, Cree playwright Floyd Favel has become obsessed with the mystery of the Siberian explosion, questioning local elders about their memories of this event. Favel sets out on a journey to the heart of Siberia to understand the meaning of the explosion to the Evenki people, reindeer herders who still inhabit the devastated area. But this is no ordinary journey. Even before leaving Saskatchewan, Favel is surrounded by a swirl of signs and spirits pushing him forward. As he approaches the centre of the explosion, Favel exchanges stories and rituals with Evenki elders and herders, his own soul becoming the site where many stories, voices and histories intersect. An entrancing spiritual and artistic quest for meaning, Favels journey of self-discovery reunites indigenous cultures across time and space - Official Selection, 2005 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. For more information, please visit