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  • Tally Abecassis
  • Nathalie Barton
  • Tally Abecassis
  • Claudine Sauve
  • Oana Suteu
  • Francois Guerin
  • Marco Fania
  • Yann Cleary
Distributor / Sales:
  • Ian Oliveri / Luz Films

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  • Country:Canada
  • Year:2005
  • Length:52 min
  • Data rate:7.5 MB/min

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As a group of taxidermists work furiously to perfect their exhibits for the national taxidermy championship in Orillia, they draw us into the wacky world of cutthroat competition and the fine art of preserving dead animals - hunting trophies and pets - into permanent reproductions for display. Along the way, we meet seasonal hunters who want their deer (or fish or bird) stuffed as a sign of their masculinity and hunting prowess; Benoit, a trophy hunter surrounded by an astounding collection of exotic animals; and Janie, whose loss of her beloved Jack Russell terrier is so unbearable that shes having him freeze-dried. In this funny, touching and sometimes just plain absurd film, the stuffed and mounted animals stand as weird sacrifices and fascinating memento mori, simultaneously reminding us that death is an unavoidable part of life and that some of us are compelled to attempt to capture, control and preserve it - Official Selection, 2005 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.