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Our Own Private Bin Laden

  • Samira Goetschel
  • Samira Goetschel
  • Samira Goetschel
  • Kirsten A. Martin
  • Francois Crepin
  • Baudouin Koenig
  • Paco Wiser
  • Shay J. Katz
  • Sound Designer: Cyril Bielle
Distributor / Sales:
  • Willi Goetschel / Chastè Films
Executive Producer:
  • Willi Goetschel / Chastè Films

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  • Country:Canada, Switzerland
  • Year:2005
  • Length:63 min
  • Data rate:7.5 MB/min

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In Our Own Private bin Laden, Iranian-born director Samira Goetschel set out to understand the rise of Islamic militant fundamentalism that resulted in the destruction of the World Trade Centre, and found herself entangled in American foreign policy during the Cold War, which sanctioned covert operations, corrupt banks, arms trading and international drug trafficking. Extraordinary interviews with people like Stansfield Turner (then director of the CIA), the CIA agents responsible for the Soviet Division and covert operations in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion, President Carter's national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, Pakistani ex-president Benazir Bhutto, and a wealth of smart investigative journalists and political analysts illustrate the chilling history, politics and global economic agendas that funded the Taliban and birthed the contemporary Islamic jihad. Claiming that the American media are now acting like bin Laden's P.R. agents, Goetschel deconstructs media representations of terrorists and the war on terror to show how they function as propaganda that disguises the "real" war being fought over economic resources and the massive profits that will result for the victors. Official Selection, 2005 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.